Web Development

I have over 10 years experience designing and developing websites and web tools. Most of my experience has been the development of front-end interfaces, but also have created and implemented back-end tools and functionality.

I have an expert understanding of HTML5 and CSS3 (as well as previous versions), and have used JavaScript and PHP extensively. I also implement jQuery, AJAX, MySQL, and other web languages when necessary. I am skilled with varied coding tools, especailly Adobe Dreamweaver, and use FTP clients for interfacing with most websites.

I have also taught website development skills and concepts at the graduate and undergraduate levels, and also served as a website tutor for over a year. Website Design and Development was the focus of my undergraduate degree, New Media Interactive Development, and a prioritized sucject in my Master's Degree.

Most website development work has been for larger organizations, but I have owned and operated a website development company for over 5 years. This allowed me to apply these skilsl in varied environments for clients with differentiated needs.

Furthermore, I am knowledgeable and skilled with many web technoliges, especailly Wordpress, and have even developed administration tools of my own.

Some web projects are listed below. Not all projects are listed. Most websites I develop are smaller components of a larger site, or only visible to a select few. Some projects I developed recently have been changed or modified by others, no longer exist, or are too old to showcase here.

Some websites I developed for professional businesses and orgnizations, and others are for personal interest and development. The approach is different from other websites. My goal is to meet the client's expectations while maintaining a modest budget and reasonable timeframe.